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SEOPressor – The History

SEOPressor has been the industry standard for on-page SEO since it was first launch in 2010. Even with only 3 years of market presence in the SEO as well as the website industry, SEOPressor is used to manage close to 129,000 websites. That is quite an accomplishment for any plugin. Altogether, more than 15 million wordpress pages are powered by SEOPressor.

As a website owner of various wordpress blogs, I have been using this premier, industry standard wordpress plugin since 2010. SEOPressor is an excellent on-page SEO tool. According to Daniel Tan, the creator of SEOPressor, 93% of the plugin users experience increase in website visitors. This is a very high level of customer satisfaction for any internet applications. And this is only possible if SEOPressor has been the foundation for the page, article, post or website to rank in search engines.

In my own experience, SEOPressor makes on-page optimization so simple and swift each time I draft out my post or article. It is like a guide that makes the complicated simple. This benefit is particularly notable when you are just starting out in blogging or website development. The learning curve of someone unknown to SEOPressor is virtually non-existent as it is so well laid-out and user experience has been carefully incorporated into this plugin. So, even newbies or beginners can pick up and be on the fly in no time in performing on-page SEO.

SEOPressor V5

SEOPressor V5

SEOPressor V5

The all new 2013 version of SEOPressor has been re-engineered to deliver unprecedented performance and thorough SEO. This is the fifth version of the SEOPressor wordpress plugin, and hence the name SEOPressor V5. In less than 4 years, Daniel has launched the 5th version, indicating his dedication to deliver the best wordpress plugin to the users. This is something valuable to me as a user as I intend to make my investment in a tool for long term, as it has been for me in this case. Now, let’s take a good look at what SEOPressor V5 has to offer to the world of on-page SEO.

6 Major Features of SEOPressor

1. On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO has been the standard feature of SEOPressor. The plugin does it with real-time evaluation and immediate recommendations to help you improve your website content for search engine optimization. You purchase it with a small one-time fee but you will feel like an SEO professor sits right beside you, and this SEO profession is suggesting ways and means to enhance your on-page optimization.

2. Multiple Keywords & LSI Analysis

One unique new feature of SEOPressor V5 is you can now target and optimize your article for 3 keywords. As far as I know, SEOPressor V5 is the only on-page plugin that does this. In addition, for each keyword, a set of LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing keywords will be recommended to you, so that you can further optimize your content by incorporating these LSI keywords. This is a very thorough feature which completes the keyword landscape of your article.

3. Over-Optimization Check

On-page over-optimization is not a good sign for your page. SEOPressor V5 signals you when your content is over-optimized. It will indicates to you by a scoring so that you can adjust your content to optimal optimization.

4. Social SEO

OG (or open graph) tags and twitter cards have been sign posts for Google to judge your page relevancy when in comes to search engine ranking. Now, SEOPressor V5 allows users to link more data together, so that Google can detect more relevance of your site’s content before it ranks you higher on the search engine.

5. Rich Snippet

With the SEOPressor V5, you can incorporate rich snippet which tells visitors more information on your content and post. This is extremely important because visitors can obtain relevant information on what they were looking for. In addition, you have a powerful feature to publicize the reputation of your site.

6. Automatic Smart Linking

The automatic smart linking feature of SEOPressor V5 really makes your life so much easier. It enables automatic intelligent linking internally as well as externally.  This will give your page better linking structure for relevance and navigation through your site.

As you can see from the above overview, SEOPressor V5 is a powerful plugin for your wordpress blog. It is a well thought out application that takes care of every aspects of on-page optimization. The social features of the plugin puts it ahead of the competition. With SEOPressor V5, you do not need to worry about the social aspects of your post. This feature puts the plugin on par with Google’s current and latest search engine evaluation standard.

With that I thank you for reading this post and invite you to visit the official SEOPressor V5 site by clicking here.

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SEOPressor – Best SEO Plugin

SEOPressor Is The Best SEO Plugin

SEOPressor is touted as the best SEO plugin for on page optimization. It optimizes a wordpress page, post or article to be ranked on the top page of search engines.

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SEOPressor Plugin

SEOPressor Is A Powerful WordPress Plugin

SEOPressor is a remarkably powerful plugin that carries out your on page optimization with ease. The SEOPressor plugin is one of the most user friendly wordpress application software for on page SEO. SEOPressor takes away the tasks for on page optimization and is  extremely effective in optimizing a wordpress page, blog or post.

SEOPressor Saves You Valuable Time

If you want more time for your core business activities, leave your on page SEO to SEOPressor. It is fast and efficient. The SEOPressor wordpress plugin gives you all the indications for on page SEO and tells you what you need to do to get your page, article, blog or post optimized.

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Wordpress SEO Plugin by SEOPressor